Kiwi owned and operated.

Established in 2006, Crucial Colour Ltd. is a privately held, 100% New Zealand business. In twelve amazing years Crucial Colour has grown from having one printing press to now having one of the most advanced printing plants in the country. Located in Penrose, our 20,000 square foot facility is designed as a “smart factory” utilising a fully integrated production and inventory management system and includes state-of-the-art technology and equipment able to meet the growing and changing demands of our customers. Our experienced staff ensure efficient and effective management of stock, storage and distribution.

What makes us different?

In short, the core values we work by; our range of expertise and ability to join the dots; and the respectful way we treat people – customers and colleagues alike – so everyone’s happy!

Being world-class is a state of mind as much as it’s a capability.

It’s music to our ears when our people tell us the things they want to change or develop to solve the shifting needs of our customers. People are our greatest asset, so we continually invest to help them realise their full potential and deliver even greater things for their customers. We always put our customers first – taking responsibility not just for meeting their needs, but for exceeding them, and maximising efficiencies we can pass on to them. That said, there’s a lot of respect among all Crucial Colour colleagues, guaranteeing an open, honest, professional environment.

Open, friendly, clean, and vast.

Just a few of the words you could use to describe the environment in which we work. Now add professional, dynamic, innovative, and positively buzzing… and you’ve really only scratched the surface of life here at Crucial Colour.

We love the environment.environment

It almost goes without saying, but we can’t be in business and produce world-class print if it is at the expense of the planet. This is why at Crucial Colour being green isn’t just a trendy phase; it’s one of our abiding principles. We continually try to minimise any negative effect of our operations on the wider environment.

Our people are more than just job titles.

We’re always seeking to reward our people’s keenness to grow and answer the non-stop change in our customers’ lives and the technology we use to serve them. It’s an approach that delivers the best results not just for our clients, but for our people and Crucial Colour as a whole too. Besides sharing a passion to deliver on time and budget, we’re all sticklers for constant improvement in how, why and where we do things – ensuring more cost-effective quality.

Values we apply to our life as a business.

A consistent, common sense management approach and shared values across our business help ensure we never let a customer, or a colleague, down. What’s more, our unique business culture means, whenever you visit us, you’ll experience not just a world-class workplace, but also a warm welcome and legendary customer service.

These values reflect our aspirations for our customers, ourselves and our community.

  • We must do everything reasonably possible to ensure that whenever an internal or external customer is dealing with any of us, it is a real pleasure. We want to provide legendary customer service.
  • We must strive for, and achieve, constant improvement in everything about our work, questioning how we do things, why we do things and where we do things.
  • We want to be a responsible and contributing member of our community.
  • We want to ensure that we all share in setting the targets to which we aspire; we must do this by knowing what we are doing and where we are going.
  • We must remember and demonstrate Crucial Colours six key words – helpfulness, honesty, friendliness, co-operation, security and prosperity.
  • We must never let a customer down.
  • We must never let a colleague down.
  • We must never forget point one, i.e. that we must do everything reasonably possible to ensure that dealing with any of us is a real pleasure. We want to provide legendary customer service.
  • We must always seek more cost-effective quality.
  • We must remember that if we don’t improve things on an ongoing basis we risk the prosperity and the security of ourselves and our working colleagues.